Financial Analysis

- Evaluation and Pro Forma Modeling of Development Options
- Public Finance (Special District Financing/Tax Increment Financing)
- Equity & Debt Capital Structures

Planning and Entitlements

- Site Reuse Planning
- Area-Wide Planning
- Preliminary Site Design
- GIS Mapping

Community Outreach and Engagement

- Facilitated Visioning Sessions
- Charettes
- Targeted Community Surveys
- Digital Learning Series Open To Community Participation (COVID Accessible)
- Website Creation


- Brownfields 101
- Attracting and Working With Developers
- Planning Basics
- Environmental Issues for Development
- Financing Redevelopment Projects

Environmental Risk Management

- Liability Management Strategies
- Environmental Insurance
- Contracts and Other Risk Management Tools

Environmental Review

- Review existing environmental documents and conditions
- Provide input on remedial strategies
- Coordinate with regulatory agencies